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YouTube Changes Video Size And Adds New Features

YouTube changed the video size on video pages. Furthermore, they allow you to batch upload multiple videos at one time. For example, today I uploaded two videos. Instead of having to upload twice, I can upload in one click. This is perfect for someone on the go like me. I can click upload, go out to dinner and by the time I come back my video is encoding. Motionbox used to be the only video site with this feature, but now it’s got some major competition.¬†

For a content creator who shoots in HD, this is superb. You can watch videos in high quality, 16:9 and batch upload them at one time! You will notice that not all channels have this functionality. Channels that have not been on YouTube for long or who are not in the partner program have not noticed this functionality. Do you think YouTube has been doing a beta test in the last couple days?

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